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Aviation, Tourism & Transportation

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In the era of globalization, tourists are accustomed to booking air tickets, itineraries and hotels on line. This change in habits is bringing new shocks and opportunities to the global tourism industry. Tourism needs efficient cross-language communication solutions to prepare customers with digital travel information in their own languages and create a more culturally inclusive online and offline service experience. Translation service providers must be able to efficiently handle multilingual and cross-cultural market communications contents.


At the same time, the aviation, tourism and transportation industry often covers complex technologies and needs to provide users with accurate and clear instructions or manuals to ensure safe use and good experience. Translation service providers must have extensive expertise and experience in this domain.

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Aviation, airport, hotel, catering, transportation, track, road, train, traveling, tourism, recreation, transportation, freight, OTA, etc.

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What We Do in this Domain

TalkingChina Translation provides 11 major translation service products for aviation, tourism and transportation industry, among which there are:
  • Marcom Translation & Transcreation
  • Website/APP Localization
  • IT and software programs
  • Online booking system
  • Customer communications
  • Tour Package
  • Tourist routes
  • Audio tour
  • Tourist guide
  • Travel destination guide
  • Museum instructions and guides
  • Maps and directions
  • Public signs
  • Tourism Agreements
  • Lease contract
  • Training material
  • Accommodations contract
  • Travel insurance policy
  • Comments and customer feedback
  • Travel announcements and travel newsletters
  • Restaurant menu
  • Scenic signs/attraction introduction
  • Multimedia localization
  • Desktop publishing
  • Various types of interpretation services
  • On-site translator dispatching

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