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Translation for MarCom.
Translation for MarCom.
For Better MarCom Effectiveness
Translation, transcreation or copywriting of marketing Communication copies, slogans, company or brand names, etc. 16 years of successful experience of serving more than 100 Marcom. departments of companies in various industries.

Service Details

  • Products:

    Translation or Transcreation for MarCom material, Transcreation for brand names, slogans, company names, etc;

  • Totally different with common translation, this sort of translation serves more the effectiveness of marketing communications and requests shorter delivery time and deeper interactions; They are often small pieces but very frequently issued.
  • Value-added Services

    Exclusive style Guide, TermBase and Translation Memory for each long-term client; Sufficient Interactions about company culture, products, style preference, marketing intentions, etc;

  • Service Details

    Timely response & delivery, Ads. Law prohibitions checking, fixed translators & writers team for each long-term client;

  • TalkingChina’s specialty, fully reinforced, with rich experience in working with marketing/corporate communications dept. and Ads. companies.

Some of Our Clients

  • Corporate Communications Dept. of Evonik/Basf/Eastman/DSM/3M/Lanxess
  • E-commerce Dept. of Under Armour/Uniqlo/Aldi
  • Marketing Dept. of L.V./Gucci/Fendi
  • Marketing Dept. of Air China/ China Southern Airlines
  • Corporate Communications Dept. of Ford/ Lamborghini/BMW
  • Project Teams in Ogilvy Shanghai and Beijing/ BlueFocus/Highteam
  • Hearst Media Group
  • More
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