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Translator team
Through the featured TakingChina A/B/C selected translator evaluation system and 17 years of strict selection, TakingChina Translation has a large number of excellent translation talents. The number of our signed global translators is more than 2,000, covering more than 60 languages. The most commonly used translators are over 350 and this number for high-level interpreters is 250.
TalkingChina sets up a professional and fixed translation team for each long-term client. Join T.C.
  • 01
    based on the specific industry domain and customer needs, our project managers match the most suitable translators for the client's projects; once the translators are proved good for the projects, we try to fix the team for this long-term client;
  • 02
    with years of experience in translation, especially for the industry domain involved, responsible for bilingual review;
  • 03
    reading the whole thing as a target reader and review the translation without referring to the original text, to ensure the legibility and fluency of the translated pieces;
  • 04
    Technical Reviewer
    with technical background in different industry domains and rich translation experience. They are mainly responsible for the correction of technical terms in the translation, answering the technical questions raised by translators and gatekeeping the technical correctness.
  • 05
    QA Specialists
    based on the customized workflow, if needed, 10% to 20% of the translations are taken out for independent quality assurance inspection to identify possible quality problems and give QA reports.
For each long-term client, a team of translators and reviewers are set up and fixed. The team will become more and more familiar with the client's products, culture and preference as the cooperation goes on and a fixed team could facilitate training from and interaction with the client.
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