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Differentiated Features

When choosing a language service provider, you may feel confused since their websites look so similar, with almost the same service scope and brand positioning. So what makes TalkingChina different or what kind of differentiated advantages does it have?
“Highly responsible, professional and caring, giving quick response, always ready to solve our problems and help us success…”
------ voice from our clients
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Not just translation by word, but to deliver the right message, to solve clients’ problems caused by language and culture differences.
Beyond Translation, Into Success!

· Language+” concept advocator.

· Customer needs oriented, we provide 11 language and “ Language +” service products.

· Conference Interpreting;

· Marketing Communications Translation or Transcreation;


· TalkingChina WDTP(Workflow & Database & Tool & People) QA System;

· ISO 9001:2015 certified

· Consultation & Proposal service model;

· Customized Solutions

· 17 years’ experience of serving over 100 fortune 500 companies has made TalkingChina a reputable brand;

· Top 10th LSP in China and top 28th in Asia

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