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In the past 17 years' translation service practice, TalkingChina continuously analyzes the clients' translation needs and application scenarios, in order to better improve our services. Most of the clients TalkingChina has served were international companies' Chinese subsidies or overseas companies who were planning to come in China. While In recent years, we've had more and more local clients who have been dealing with overseas business or are planning to go out.

Whether going out or coming in, these companies have language problems in the process of internationalization. Therefore, TalkingChina always regards its mission, to provide the most effective language solutions based on customer needs.


Let's first of all look at those clients of “coming in”, the international companies' Chinese subsidies or overseas companies who were planning to come in China such asBASF,Evonik,Volkswagen,BMW,Gartner,Mitsubishi,Group, Pioneer Electronics, LVMH Group,Under Armour and Aldi.


Applicaiton Scenarios

If you are also a "coming in" company of this kind, there must be similar translation needs. Let's serve you with customized language solutions and use our expertise and experience accumulated in the past 17 years for you to accomplish a great success in China.

Check Out the Following Best Practices:
Clients' Translation Needs and Application Scenarios TalkingChina's localization Solutions
Marketing Communications material needs to be translated into simplified Chinese or HK/TW traditional Chinese.
Some of them needs Chinese transcreation or copywriting to enhance marketing effectiveness.
Market Communications Translation, Transcreation and Copywriting services
Technical or legal documents or material for reference needs to be translated Translation;
Technical Communications Translation;
Needs to get intelligence about the China market, competitors and media monitoring of their own brands Intelligence Editing & Translation Services
Marketing material needs design, DTP and printing DTP & Printing Services
Multimedia material needs to be localized, getting transcription into Chinese, voice over, dubbing, subtitling and other post production Multimedia Localization Service
Website and software including APPs needs to be localized into Chinese.
Website SEO and SEM in Chinese search engines such as Baidu has to be done and the Chinese search key words has to be localized, not only translated into Chinese.
Website/APP Localization Services
Search Key Words Localization
Needs interpretation, bilingual Emceeing and shorthand service for business meetings, product launchings, seminars, conferences in China Various types of Interpreting service
SI Equipment Rental
Needs on-site translators or interpreters for month-long or year-long projects, better not as full-time employees. On-site Translators or Interpreters Dispatching
Terms used across the companies needs to be correct and consistent;
dispersed bilingual documents needs to be collected and processed into translation memory for repeated use in CAT;
documents needs to get fast and efficient technical processing;
needs to be updated about the latest translation tools and technology to improve content management
Translation technology Services, including CAT and TMS purchase, Term and TM management, MT engine building, document engineering outsourcing, translation technology training. etc.
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