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Medical & Pharmaceutical

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Global trade and human awareness of life safety and health have generated a large number of new medical and pharmaceutical services. Medical and pharmaceutical companies must establish effective cross-language communications with global users and enhance their international competitive advantages. Translation service providers must be able to efficiently handle multilingual and cross-cultural contents.


At the same time, because some areas of the medical and pharmaceutical industry are very technical, such as the approval and registration of new drugs and medical devices, clinical trials, etc., the risks of life and health are also greater than other industries, so translation service providers must have extensive experience in this domain. The medical and pharmaceutical industry is highly regulated, and accurate, timely and compliant translation is essential for companies that want to enter the global marketplace and meet the local regulatory requirements. Errors in product documentation or failure to deliver on time can cause time-to-market delays, and even minor translation errors can incur additional costs or even lead to litigation.

Keywords in this industry

Medicine, medical equipment, clinical, health, rehabilitation, biology, life sciences, health, cell, genetics, surveillance, prevention, genetics, pathology, pharmacology, infection, viruses, bacteria, hospitals, ecology, embryos, psychology, health care, Nursing, health insurance claims, plastic surgery, fitness, etc.

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What We Do in this Domain

TalkingChina Translation provides 11 major translation service products for medical and pharmaceutical industry, among which there are:
  • Medical Device Graphical User Interface (GUI)
  • Website content / marketing materials, etc.
  • Instructions for use (IFU)
  • Operation and installation manual
  • Serious side effects report
  • Surgical techniques
  • Patient consent form
  • Verification report
  • Clinical examination report
  • Diagnostic books and other medical records
  • Clinical trial authorization
  • Desktop publishing
  • Product Features Summary
  • Labels and packaging
  • Patient information leaflet
  • Patient report results
  • Drug overview
  • Clinical trial protocol
  • Patents and patent applications
  • Scale and quality of life questionnaire
  • Patient diary and electronic diary
  • Researcher's Manual
  • Test drug label
  • Clinical trial protocol
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