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2019 TalkingChina Awards the Best Debater from Shanghai University of Finance and Economics

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The following content is translated from Chinese source by machine translation without post-editing.

  The National Finals of the 11th "Communication Road Cup" Business English Debate Competition was successfully concluded on May 19, 2019. In this competition, there were 155 debate teams from universities across the country. After several rounds of fierce confrontation, Shanghai University of Finance and Economics stood out and won the championship. The second debater, Kong Xiaopeng, was awarded the title of TalkingChina Translation Company. "TalkingChina Cup" best debater award, congratulations!

"TalkingChina Cup" Best Debater Award

  The "Commercial Road Cup" contest cites the National Business Solution Presentation (BSP) form and the Case Study (CS), which is based on the actual case of the company, and is aimed at the company's development process. Projects for business management projects, presentations in English, questions and answers (in English) and debates.

  The final debate was held around the debate on whether the multilingual internationalized social app should be commercialized immediately. At the finals, the two university defensive teams showed their abilities in the arena. The atmosphere of the debate was extremely intense. The two teams of debaters used the proficient English to provoke a fierce confrontation. Both sides come to me and fight against each other. The audience applauded constantly. When entering the interactive session, the atmosphere of the venue was more active. In the exciting free debate session, the debaters made all the stops and fluently answered the questions of the judges, reflecting the good speech level, English expression skills and skills of the debater, and pushed the atmosphere of the contest to a climax.

Ms. Su Yang, Managing Director of TalkingChina Translation, and the Shanghai University of Finance and Economics team

  In the end, the Shanghai University of Finance and Economics team led by the teacher of the Foreign Languages Institute, Mr. Cheng Qian, took the lead and won the final victory. In the awarding session, Ms. Su Yang, the founder of TalkingChina Translation, awarded the “TalkingChina Cup” Best Debater Award to Kong Xiaopeng of the Finance Team and gave a speech.

Ms. Su Yang gave the award to the "TalkingChina Cup" best debater and delivered a speech

  In the same year, the Fudan University team represented by Jiang Changjian and others participated in the 1993 Lion City Debate Competition. But it was still in Chinese, and this contest was an English debate. The students who participated in the competition were able to prepare for a short time. In the case of such a performance, it is rare. As a well-known translation service company in China, TalkingChina Translation is delighted to see so many excellent language talents appearing in the competition, so I am also very honored that the best debater award in this competition can be named by the "TalkingChina Cup". .

  In the context of today's Sino-US trade war, globalization strategy is even more important. In order to let more Chinese companies go out, let our Chinese culture go out, and to embrace more companies, how can contemporary young students use it? Their own language and cross-cultural cognitive advantages, as well as their public speaking skills and confidence in the international environment, analysis and resolution of specific business problems, contribute to our country's globalization strategy, this It is the problem and responsibility of every young person. This is also a comprehensive quality and ability of the college students in this competition. It is also the original intention of the "Commercial Road Debate" Cup debate contest.

The organizing committee members and judges of this competition

  The original intention of the contest coincides with the founding heart and mission of TalkingChina. TalkingChina Translation Co., Ltd. ( is one of the top ten influential brands in China's translation industry. It is ranked among the top 28 Asian language service providers. It has been a mission of “TalkingChina Translation + Achievement Globalization” for 17 years. TalkingChina translated the title of the best debater in this competition is also hoped to help the contest to discover and select more entrepreneurial and innovative talents who can easily navigate the international business environment, empowering more companies' globalization process.

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