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2019 TalkingChina Attends the Global Blockchain (Hangzhou) Forum

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  On May 16, Ms. Su Yang, Managing Director of TalkingChina Translation, participated in the first blockchain week in Hangzhou, including Chainge Technology Open Day, Blockchain Friends, 2019 Global Blockchain (Hangzhou) Summit Forum, Babbitt Accelerator Meetup And other activities. The number of participants in the conference was high and the atmosphere was warm, which fully demonstrated the popularity and charm of the current blockchain industry.

  Head of blockchain from enterprise giants such as Ant Financial, Tencent, Baidu, Weizhong Bank, Huawei, Haier, etc., more than the original chain, cloud, digital, ontology, Gate, currency and other blockchain innovation companies People, as well as experts and scholars from Peking University Guanghua, Shanghai Jiaotong University, Wuhan University, Singapore Xinyue Social Science University, etc., brought about a wonderful speech. The peak dialogue, in-depth analysis, Hangzhou blockchain week is undoubtedly a rare feast in the industry in 2019.

17th 2019 Global Blockchain (Hangzhou) Summit Forum

  On the morning of May 16th, the venue was Chainge Technology Open Day. It was led by technical giants from companies such as BAT, and it was the hardest nuclear geek gathering in the blockchain week. On the afternoon of the 16th, the field was a blockchain friend. It was occupied by the industry's “hardcore” practitioners and was the first gathering of the most experienced players in the blockchain week. The 17th is the 2019 Global Blockchain (Hangzhou) Summit Forum, which is guided by the Hangzhou Financial Office and hosted by Babbitt. The brand effect and the market rebounded, and the industry players who came to participate in the event continued to be incessant. The Hangzhou block week just became an opportunity for the quieter gathering of more than a year.

Hangzhou Blockchain Week, Babbitt Founder, Vice President, MIT Blockchain Research Office sponsor speech

  Some of the entrepreneurs in the blockchain industry are coming to the conference to find more opportunities for products to show up, to find like-minded friends, to find more inspiration from the sharing of industry veterans and big coffee; some are major exchanges or project parties. Or the business person in charge of the mining-related company, come here to find and negotiate partners; there are also giants in the traditional industry, where the trend of the blockchain is emerging, and TalkingChina translation is the main factor in the blockchain enterprise. The translation service provider will come to the conference to get more information and trends in the industry to better serve the enterprises in this industry.

  The language services provided by TalkingChina to the blockchain enterprises mainly include translations of English, Korean, Japanese, Russian, French and Arabic languages such as white papers, websites and project profiles of domestic projects or exchanges, as well as Chinese for overseas projects translation. With the recovery of the market, many blockchain companies in China are doing global layout and setting up sites in many countries. Therefore, how to write good materials in authentic local languages is crucial for them to speed up the process of internationalization. . The blockchain industry itself is very new. It is a very difficult but necessary task to find translators who understand both the blockchain and the various languages. To this end, TalkingChina Translation has used its experience of helping traditional industries to multi-lingual internationalization in the last two or three years, and combined with the new characteristics of the blockchain industry, innovating in the personnel training and translation production mode, continuous learning and research. Improve your professional skills and service levels.

  We are also delighted to see that Wall Street, which represents traditional finance, and Silicon Valley, which represents the upstart of technology, are accelerating the layout of blockchains, and Facebook and JP Morgan have also issued virtual currency. "Artificial intelligence, data and blockchain are promising and inclusive technologies that are likely to drive enterprise digital transformation." The blockchain is not equal to Bitcoin, nor is it equivalent to the speculative coins we usually think of, but the technology that will bring real benefits to the lives of many real estate and ordinary people. Although it will take some time to mature, as reflected in the Gartner2018 technical curve, the current blockchain is in the defoaming phase, and it takes 5-10 years to enter a steady development phase. But no one can change the future that has arrived. TalkingChina Translation will firmly grow together with young blockchain companies.

Xiao Feng, Chairman and CEO of Wanxiang Blockchain, delivered a keynote speech entitled "Intra-chain, In-chain and Out-of-Bound: Technology, Incentives and Governance"

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