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Translation Technology Solutions

  • CAT & TMS Purchase and Installation:

    For better term consistency, less lead time and cost, more effective integration with CMS;

  • TB (Term Base) Management:

    Term extraction, confirmation, compilation and maintenance, to ensure terms used across the company are correct and consistent.

  • TM (Translation Memory) Management:

    Based on the existing bilingual files, through alignment tools and manual proofreading, develop bilingual TM (translation memory);

  • Customized MT Engine:

    When TM reaches certain quantity level, the data can be used to train your own MT (machine translation) engine, to be used in the future translation work to reduce cost and increase production capacity.

  • Engineering Work Outsourcing (including tools customization) :

    Such as text stream extraction, website analysis, DTP, tools customization. You could either outsource the work to us or get technical solutions from us for much higher efficiency.

Some Clients:

  • Ford
  • LV
  • True North Productions
  • Volkswagen
  • Wanda Group
  • Murata Manufacturing
  • Mouser
  • Ansell
  • Under Armour, etc.
  • More
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