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2019 TalkingChina Delivers Special Lecture at University of Shanghai for Science and Technology

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  In order to promote college students to understand the current development trend of the translation industry and translation companies' demand for talent cultivation, education guides them to continuously improve their employment and career choices, and better plan their personal career orientation. TalkingChina and University of Shanghai for Science and Technology June 19 The day will carry out a publicity session to let students understand the translation market at a close distance, strengthen the connection between the school and the enterprise, explore the interaction between school and enterprise, and exchange ideas on the training of school-enterprise cooperation personnel.

Teacher Wang of University of Shanghai for Science and Technology

  University of Shanghai for Science and Technology is a research-oriented university with a focus on engineering, engineering, science, economics, management, literature, law, and art. In July 2016, the school became a national defense college with the National Defense Science and Technology Industry Bureau and the Shanghai Municipal People's Government. In 2018, the school became a pilot unit for the construction of “high-level local colleges and universities” in Shanghai.

Ms. Gu, Personnel Manager of TalkingChina, gave a speech

  TalkingChina's speech at the university hopes that the students in the school will agree with the excellent corporate culture in the form of lectures. In this way, in the future, when they go to work, they can adapt to work before others, and shorten the running-in period with the job. The students who attended the lectures listened with enthusiasm and asked questions. For everyone's doubts, Ms. Qiao, the deputy general manager of TalkingChina, and Ms. Gu, the personnel manager, gave detailed answers. After the speech, the students were still insatiable and expressed their inspiration. Interested students have already submitted their resumes to TalkingChina, hoping to become a part of the TalkingChina family.

Question and answer session students ask questions

  In order to make the corporate culture of TalkingChina's translation more infiltrated into the campus, TalkingChina can establish cooperation with colleges and universities with practical projects, which is conducive to the close contact between students and the corporate culture of excellent enterprises. In this process, students will form a certain understanding of the future work environment, and have a deep understanding and experience of the professional knowledge and skills, so that students can learn in life, in terms of knowledge structure, ability structure, vocational skills and professional quality. Accumulate and prepare to meet the needs of outstanding companies for talent.

  In 2016, Shanghai TalkingChina Company officially became the translation practice base of University of Shanghai for Science and Technology. The cooperation between TalkingChina and the School of Foreign Languages ??began. In 2011, TalkingChina Company provided translation, interpretation and corpus production for students of the Polytechnic Institute. In addition to the practical opportunities in the use of CAT tools, the Polytechnic Institute also provided excellent resources for the TalkingChina to engage in part-time work, and achieved gratifying results in the school-enterprise cooperation work in the language service industry. As one of the top ten Chinese translation companies in Shanghai and the top 30 language service providers in Asia Pacific, TalkingChina has the strength and hopes to achieve complementary resources and timely delivery of excellent translation talents through school-enterprise cooperation.

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