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Technical Tools / Tools

Text Stream Extraction & Structuring:

  -Extraction of text stream in PDF/XML/HTML format (customizing node extraction and ensuring coherent text stream to facilitate CAT and translation in later stages);

  -For example, for the Tag structuring in XLIFF files, we customize translation nodes, batch generate a bilingual structure and manage format/encoding conversion, etc.

Website Analysis:

  -Whether it is a domain name, webpage document or a database provided by customers, TalkingChina is always ready for pre-stage website analysis, text extraction, workload calculation, conversion and providing a professional workflow solution.

Office Plug-in Development:

  -For macro development in Office, we manage specific single document cycle operation (such as batch operation to tables, images, OLE, etc. in a document) or multi-document batch operation (such as batch format conversion, hide, highlight, add, delete; all operations in single documents are applicable to multi-documents), batch extraction of AutoCAD and Visio text stream.

  -We manage customized development or modification of the VBA program and assist in completing the project in higher efficiency.

Traditional CAD :

  -Traditional CAD processing requires manual extraction and manual DTP, which is time and effort consuming. However, TalkingChina uses a tool to extract texts from CAD documents, get word count and do the DTP work.

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