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Online TMS (Translation Management System) 

  TalkingChina’s TMS consists mainly of:

  Customized CRM (Customer Relationship Management):

  · Customer: basic information, purchase order record, billing record, etc;

  · Translator/Supplier: basic information, positioning and rating, purchase order record, payment record, internal evaluation record, etc;

  · Purchase Order: fees details, project details, files link, etc;

  · Accounting: receivable and payable, received and paid, account age, etc.

  Administrative management:

  · HR management (attendance/training/performance/remuneration, etc.);

  · administration (rules and regulations/minutes of meeting/procurement management notice, etc.)

  Workflow management:

  managing the whole process of translation projects, including initiating, planning, implementing, executing, and wrapping up.

  Project management:

  including translation project analysis & engineering; translation & QA task assigning; schedule control; DTP; finalizing, etc.

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