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Differential Advantages

What Makes Us Stand Out

TalkingChina USA Representative Office was established in New York in 2021 by Emma Song, a senior representative of TalkingChina Headquarters. The Representative Office inked a three-year framework agreement with UNHCR shortly after its founding, thanks to its robust translation project management capabilities and years of expertise in serving American clients. This operating site is expected to improve the convenience, timeliness, and friendliness of our services to local customers in Europe and the USA, marking the first step for TalkingChina to go global and provide high-quality services to customers worldwide.
  • Zero Time Difference (customer service in both China and the USA)
  • No Barriers Communications (both Chinese and English)
  • 100% Native Speakers (100% Asian native-speaking translators)
  • Exceptional Cost Performance (more cost-effective than European and American peers, thanks to the gap in local operating costs)
  • 60+ languages (including English to Chinese and other 20+ Asian languages)
  • 1,000+

    Over 1000 Interpretation Sessions Every Year

  • 140,000,000+

    Over 140-million-word Translation Output Every Year

  • 60+

    Covering Over 60 Languages

  • 100+

    Serving Over 100 Fortune Global 500 companies

  • 2,000+

    Over 2,000 Elite Partnering Translators & Interpreters Globally

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