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Service Team
TalkingChina boasts a unique “Two-person Service Team” for each client. An Account Executive (AE) is assigned to communicate with our customers, understand their needs and provide professional solutions and follow-up service; meanwhile, a Project Manager (PM) is responsible for the whole process of translation production and project management.
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Service Team

Account Executives

Project Managers

Service Team Capabilities

  • Language skills: having a good command of bilingual (Chinese and English or Japanese or other foreign languages) skills; 
  • Translation skills:being proficient in both the theory and practical skills of translation;
  • Communication skills:mastering efficient communications with customers and all team members;
  • Computer capabilities:Excelling in translation technology such as CAT, QA, DTP and TMS tools; 
  • PM capabilities:being skillful in quality, time, cost and emergency management.
Production & Delivery Team
TalkingChina's production and delievery teams consists of translators, editors, proofreaders, tenical reviewers, localizaion engineers, project manages and DTP specialists. Each of them is professinal in their own area and with years of efforts TalkingChina has developed rich solutions, term base, translation memory and best practices in the following eight domains:
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