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  • OTIS
    "The translations of foreign translators at TalkingChina are very idiomatic and accurate, which meets the requirement of our project.”
    — OTIS
  • Beijing Representative Office of the Glasgow School of Art
    "I have read the translations sent by you. Good work, thank you very much!”
    — Beijing Representative Office of the Glasgow School of Art
  • DIC
    "You are good at contract translations and we feel rest assured.”
    — DIC
  • PRAP Consultants
    "Thumbs-up! Even urgent documents are translated with steadily good quality. Thanks!"
    — PRAP Consultants
  • Murata Electronics
    "Your service is very considerate and comprehensive. The one-stop service of translating, typesetting and printing has been time-saving and efficient. I am very pleased."
    — Murata Electronics
  • IAI
    "It’s very detailed and patient, a supplier of comprehensive translation service!"
    — IAI
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