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  • IDICE France
    "We have been working with TalkingChina for 4 years. We and the colleagues at the French head office are all satisfied with your translators."
    — IDICE France
  • Rolls-Royce
    "Translating our technical documents is not an easy task. But your translation is very satisfactory, from language to technicality, which convinced me that my boss was right by choosing you."
    — Rolls-Royce
  • Human Resources of ADP
    "Our partnership with TalkingChina has come to the seventh year. Its service and quality are worth the price."
    — Human Resources of ADP
  • GPJ
    "TalkingChina is so responsive and the interpreters it recommended are so dependable that we rely on you for interpreting."
    — GPJ
  • Marykay
    "For so many years, the news release translations are good as ever."
    — Marykay
  • Milan Chamber of Commerce
    "We are old friends with TalkingChina. Responsive, fast-thinking, sharp and to-the-point!"
    — Milan Chamber of Commerce
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