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  • Tokyo Electron
    “TalkingChina is well equipped and unfailing, for it is capable of dispatching long-term interpreters to any place!”
    — Tokyo Electron
  • Otsuka Pharmaceutical
    “All medical documents are professionally translated! The clinical terminologies the translators use are extremely precise, and pharmaceutical instructions are translated in an accurate way, which saves us a lot of proofreading time. Thank you so much! Hope we could maintain long-term partnership.”
    — Otsuka Pharmaceutical
  • Pioneer Electronics
    “TalkingChina has been a long-term supplier for our company, providing high quality Chinese and Japanese inter-translation service for us since 2004. Responsive, detail-oriented, it has maintained stable translation quality and been supporting our translation works for a long time. The translations of legal contracts are first-rate, efficient and always in standard format. For this, I want to say thank you.”
    — Pioneer Electronics
  • Asia Information Associates Limited
    “On behalf of Asia Information Associates Limited, I would like to express my appreciation to all the people at TalkingChina who have been supporting our work. Our accomplishment is inseparable from their devotion. In the new year to come, I hope we will continue the wonderful partnership and strive for new heights! ”
    — Asia Information Associates Limited
  • Shanghai University of Finance and Economics
    “School of Public Economics and Administration, Shanghai University of Finance and Economics extend the most sincere gratitude to TalkingChina: Thank you for your strong support for School of Public Economics and Administration, Shanghai University of Finance and Economics. Since 2013 when we first entered into cooperation, TalkingChina has so far translated over 300,000 words for us. It is a supporter of our success in various projects. We are fully aware that the trust, support and involvement from TalkingChina have contributed to the successes. For which, I am deeply appreciative. I hope we will extend the partnership in the days to come. With shared cordiality and initiative, we will build a brighter future.”
    — Shanghai University of Finance and Economics
  • Department members and foreign guests of Shanghai International Film and TV Festival
    “The work of annual Shanghai International Film and TV Festival has been extremely demanding, which only an admirable team like yours could deliver, and I am deeply grateful for your dedicated support. Excellent! And please thank the translators and all the people working at TalkingChina for me! ” “The interpreters for the events on 5th and 6th were well-prepared and precise in translation. They used accurate terminology and interpreted at a moderate speed. They did a good job!” “Everything went smoothly and working with you is truly a pleasure!” “Thank you! You are the best! ” “The two interpreters have done an amazing job, and I am deeply impressed!” “The interpreters you dispatched for Shanghai International Film and TV Festival are the pillars of the field. They are amazing, thank you! ” “You have terrific interpreters. They are proactive and time-conscious, and they even translated for the judges when subtitles were missing. For this year, you deserve two thumbs-up.” “You have been faultless this year, amazing” “I think the translations for animation IPs, oriental element in animated films, president master class are especially commendable.”
    — Department members and foreign guests of Shanghai International Film and TV Festival
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