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  • Shanghai Communications Polytechnic?
    “The translation quality is good. AEs are very professional and the interpreters have won favorable comments from audience.
    — Shanghai Communications Polytechnic?
  • Element Fresh
    “Working with TalkingChina is an enjoyment. I am so pleased with their good work. And they are very time-conscious. For translation, I will always choose TalkingChina.”
    — Element Fresh
  • Blue Focus
    “It is very pleasant working with TalkingChina employees who can always guarantee their service quality. My contact was Jill. She always helps us with the difficulties and delivers on time. Thank You.”
    — Blue Focus
  • Schmalz
    “TalkingChina is surprisingly pleasing!”
    — Schmalz
  • Vice President, Ogilvy PR
    “I examined your translations and suggested making TalkingChina our preferred translation supplier. And as we are a PR Agency, there are many documents in need of urgent attention, but your people are very responsive and ready to feedback, which is very pleasing.”
    — Vice President, Ogilvy PR
  • Exact Software
    “I have read all the wonderful translations. You have done an amazing job! Very good! ”
    — Exact Software
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