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Since 2006, TalkingChina has been providing press release translation for Disney China's public relations department. At the end of 2006, it undertook all the script translation work of the musical play "The Lion King" as well as subtitles, etc. From naming each character in the play in Chinese, to every line of the script, TalkingChina made great efforts in refining upon the wording. Efficiency and language style are the key points of the translation tasks stressed by Disney.

In 2011, TalkingChina was selected by Walt Disney (Guangzhou) as the long-term translation supplier. Up to now, TalkingChina has provided a translation service of 5 million words in total for Disney. In terms of interpreting, TalkingChina mainly provides English and Japanese interpreting services. During the construction of Shanghai Disney Resort, TalkingChina provided on-site interpreter dispatching services and received the customer’s appraise.

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