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Wanda Cultural Tourism Planning and Research Institute

Wanda Group is an industrial conglomerate engaged in commerce, culture, Internet and finance. In 2017, Wanda Group ranked No. 380 among Fortune Global 500 companies. Wanda Culture Tourism Planning & Design Institute is the core technology research and development department of Wanda Cultural Industry Group.

As the installation and maintenance manual of large rides has a direct impact on the smooth opening of amusement parks and the safety of visitors, Wanda Culture Tourism Planning & Design Institute has carefully selected suppliers from the very beginning in 2016. Through the strict screening by its purchasing department, the shortlisted language service companies are all among the top domestic players in this sector.  TalkingChina has thus successfully become a long-term cooperative language service provider through Wanda Group's purchase.

Since 2016, TalkingChina has provided translation services for all large-scale outdoor rides of Wanda Theme Parks in  Hefei, Nanchang, Wuhan, Harbin and Qingdao. TalkingChina is the only translation company involved in all the projects. Translation of equipment specifications requires the bilingual control format. And a large number of equipment pictures and parts need to be accurately translated, which is a great test for both project management of translation and technical support of typesetting. Among them, the project of the Hefei Wanda Theme Park had a tight schedule, that is to translate 600,000 words from Chinese into English in 10 days. And the project department and the technical department had managed to work overtime to ensure both the timeliness and quality.

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