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BMW is one of the three German luxury brands and a world-renowned manufacturer of aircraft engines, off-road vehicles and motorcycles, ranking among the world's leading auto companies.

In March 2018, TalkingChina received a tender invitation for BMW China's translation project, which is the first joint tender of BMW Brilliance Automotive Ltd, BMW China Automotive Trading Co., Ltd., BMW Auto Finance (China) Co., Ltd. and Vanguard International Financial Leasing Co., LTD. During the tender process, BMW considered from various aspects, such as industry ranking, customer satisfaction and reputation, as well as the translation service experience in the auto industry, to select the candidates. TalkingChina had managed to pass the technical evaluation of both the translation and interpretation projects. The translation technology evaluation is focused on the service plan. TalkingChina presented itself comprehensively  from the company's hard power, team introduction, customized service and production process, and service experience in the automobile industry. Also, TalkingChina stood out from the two-way translation test of technical documents in German and English.

In June 2018, TalkingChina passed all the hurdles and became the only translation supplier of BMW and reached with it the framework service agreement for three consecutive years. And the cooperation is right now well underway.

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