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ALDI, founded in 1913, is Germany's largest supermarket chain. Debuting in the Chinese market in mid-2017, it offers a range of imported products to Chinese consumers through its Tmall flagship store.

As the only designated translation supplier of ALDI, TalkingChina provides one-stop document localization services that cover engineering, translation, typesetting, etc. Most of the source documents from ALDI  are product packaging, product introduction, etc., and are directly derived from the production bases in Germany and Australia. The file formats are complex and diversified. Before translation, TalkingChina needs to carry out project engineering processing, such as conversion of file formats, confirmation of translation content and translation workload, statistics, language classification and many other links. Through rapid running-in, with the increase of documents to be translated, TalkingChina became increasingly skilled in adjusting the format and improving the quality of translations. In view of the particularity of the customer’s documents (large quantity and complicated classification), TalkingChina established exclusive language database for it. On the one hand, this reduced the working time and improved the production efficiency. On the other hand, while ensuring the quality, the database helped the customer to sort out products by category, which was praised by the customer for many times. At present, TalkingChina has translated a total of 2.4 million words for ALDI.

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