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China UnionPay Data (CUP Data) is a holding subsidiary of China UnionPay.

In April 2016, TalkingChina officially signed a long-term cooperation agreement with CUP Data and became the translation supplier for CUP Data's designated procurement project.. During the cooperation, we mainly provided the customer with the translation of technical manuals and operation manuals, including: the proposal for Malaysia Axiata prepaid card integration project, user manual of CUP Data credit card 2.0, user manual of CUP Data prepaid card system, System outsourcing proposal for Citibank and so on. These documents are closely related to financial IT in content, and require a high level of proficiency in specialized terminology. However, relying on a complete project process and a stable project team, we’ve managed to output  reliable and high-quality translation for the customer constantly. In addition to regular translation services, we also provide on-site translation services in response to the customer’s needs.

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