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Mitsui Chemicals

MITSUI CHEMICALS is one of the largest chemical industry conglomerates in Japan, ranking within the top 30 companies in the "Global Chemicals 50" list.

TalkingChina and MITSUI CHEMICALS have been working together since 2007 in translation services involving Japanese, English and Chinese. The types of translated documents cover marketing, technical materials, legal contracts, etc. mainly between Japan and China. As a chemical company in Japan, MITSUI CHEMICALS has strict requirements on language service providers, including response speed, process management, translation quality, honesty and trustworthiness. TalkingChina strives to do the best in all aspects and has won the trust and support of the customer. Each craft has its tricks. The customer service team of TalkingChina is also divided into English customer service and Japanese customer service to better meet the needs of MITSUI CHEMICALS.

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